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Ruth Schaefer (Mama Matata)

Ruth Schäfer

Ruth Schaefer tirelessly heads the Swiss-funded Rhein Valley Hospital in Kenya. The St. Gallen native takes care of not only the hospital but also war refugees and homeless children.

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Stephan Holderegger

Stephan Holderegger

It is hard to believe that the creator of the Rhein Valley Project, 65-year-old Stefan Holderegger, is still alive today. As he was given a second chance on life 12 years ago, he built the Rhein Valley hospital out of gratitude.

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  • Victor Odor gehört seit sechs Jahren dem Team des Rhein-Valley Hospitals an. Als Büroassistent hat er vielerlei Aufgaben zu erfüllen: Kontrolle der Wassergebühren, Vorb...





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